Tuesday, November 29, 2022:
8:41 AM MST:

The current spiritual war/war taking place right now, is a whole lot more complicated than we, humans understand. You could bring together a group of very aware and awakened human, (Not to be mistaken for WOKE, as that is a disease and psyop.) individuals and we would each, only have a piece of the puzzle to the Massive Picture of Truth that we come together to assemble. This is the subject that the council has decided to discuss at this point in time.


WHAT TRUTH ARE YOU SPEAKING OF? HMMM. The truth of our origins and what is happening on our planet Earth, right now.

Most of the awakened people are aware that we are not alone, that other species of beings originating from other planets have been controlling humans on Earth for a very long time. We are slaves, and food, treated like cattle. We are left to graze on open range, thinking we are safe and living in a certain environment, until the day of the round-up. Once rounded up maybe we get penned up to be fattened up. Look at the food sources they have handed us. They control the drugs, alcohol, and food we consume. They use things to get us addicted from Soda to cigarettes.

Living here in the United States, I thought I was free and that I was making my own choices. Not really. Mind control and programming are in everything put out by the Main Stream Media, Entertainment, Advertisements, Education, Psyops and Politics. Even the harmless jingles that we memorized were designed to hook us and control our thought patterns.

When I am out in the public, I watch the people and I see so many disturbing things. I see people viciously and publicly fighting or yelling at pets or children. I witness disgusting mannerisms, which make you think the person lacks all self-awareness or the desire to stay clean.

I had a neighbor that had three children. They yelled all the time and the kids yelled all the time. The police showed up a couple of times before they moved, but never went inside. When this family moved out the maintenance staff showed me the human feces spread all over the walls, phlegm/boogers all over the walls like someone just stood there and spit. WTF, right?! There were three children in that home. Those parents should not have been pro creating. But that is the current reality. People like that exist more and more all around us. The council tells me, it is the degradation of the human soul and physical mind. That is what the enemy has done to the human species here on Earth.

Actually they fuck with everything, including plant and animals, water, soil and air. They have, by design, moved more and more towards a toxic environment, so that it is more difficult for our human DNA to stay strong and thrive. Humans haven’t been Thriving for centuries.

I have been working directly with Valiant Thor since Spring of 2016. Can I prove he is the one passing on information and training me? Depends on who you ask. Some very strong psychic individuals or other contactees get the proof they need. Some see him next to me, others just know it is him that speaks through me. He works with a small group of us. He assigns tasks and shares information with the group.

I have a series of photos I have taken over the years when he has told me to snap a few shots. Usually I don’t see anything with my eyes until the photo is seen. Other times I do. Usually there is a hidden ship or an Orb with lights inside of it in the photos. Some times there are just beings in the trees or vegetation around. Other people that can psychically look at photos can see way more than I do.

Let us transition into Valiant Thor’s message. He works through me via Auto writing.


There are many ways to look at a situation and for, as many sets of eyes on the subject there may be as many different interpretations. The original participants and witnesses hold the most direct path to The Truth of the situation. Purity of Truth is when you go back to the original time frame and you observe and make note of the facts, not the emotions attached to it, just the facts.

You then look at how emotions and each individual’s belief system caused their reactions and actions in a given situation.

Humans are at a disadvantage and they cannot look at the past or into another’s mind. Humans must fill in the blanks all the time.

An argument takes place inside of a grocery store. You are in the grocery store, but you are on the opposite side of the building.

Voices are raised and parties in the aisle begin to throw items from the shelves at one another. There are screams and the sounds of broken glass and children crying. There are 52 people in the store, and cameras that record things happening in the store 24/7. Each camera has a certain angle it is recording. They do not record audio except at the front of the store where cash is kept.

The aisle where the situation took place is nearest to the produce department. Ten people have visually witnessed the situation. Two of those witnesses left the store in fear and no one knows their identity.

Can you take these facts and reconstruct what happened?
Must you be able to look into the minds of those directly involved as well as the witnesses? (Humans can’t look into the minds of one another.)

What about the cameras? What if the video can be altered? Who do you speak with first? What if the person with the children accuse the other party of inappropriately touching their child, and they state that the other person was so creepy that they tried to defend themselves and their children by grabbing the nearest thing and throwing it?

What if the cameras don’t have a clear angle? How can you sort the truth out, if the victim is really the liar and that the person accused of touching the child was looking at bruises that the child showed them, by lifting their dress?

Even as you read this, your own emotions and thoughts change based off of each layer of facts. Do you seek beyond the first set of facts, or do you dig deeper? Do you see the challenge that each human has in this situation? How can a person reach pure truth?

The evil races that we are actively fighting do everything within their power to keep the truth from the humans that live here on Earth. These evil beings do not belong here on Earth or in this Solar System or this Galaxy.

Long ago the dark races came into our territory. We made the mistake of not addressing them right away. Now we are here today in a war to free our territory. We have made sure that we will be successful. We are a collective group of races/species that have come together to rid our territories of these dark beings and the soulless things they create.

Creation of new species and things happen at varying levels. The dark beings cannot command source energy into a living thing. What they can do is alter existing creations and work in labs.

Are you wondering where I am going with this message?

I am here to share with you a series of statements, and provide you with a background where you can begin to look at the world through a different lens.

Return to purity is a statement that we utilize as a group. Our plans are to return humans and Earth back to purity.
We will require your participation and assistance with this transition and healing period of time.

Your DNA has been altered and damaged over the centuries by the Things that the enemy have done.

Many of the strong light workers are people that have unique souls inside of their human bodies. Many of you know that you are a light worker, but you don’t know exactly what that means. Please do not seek your definitions from New Age texts or channelings. Channeled messages may come from dark sources, as how do you know what or whom is sharing the message. Instead, seek to know yourself by looking deep within yourself. Look into the mirror and be utterly honest with yourself.

Who are you? Most of you should come up with the answer that you really don’t know. You may have ideas of who you were in a past life or maybe you just know that you are a soul that was created out of love and light energies.

Everything Really IS Energy!!!! Your thoughts are powerful and your emotions are powerful, but most of you do not know how to control your own thoughts and emotions. Humans have been turned into manufacturers of emotional energy. Drugs and Alcohol when abused cause more harm than the users understand. This tragic fact, alone can explain much of the generational trauma that has plagued humans.

As you should know, it is very difficult to find sources of information that lead you to the pure truth. In the coming months there will be many truths that are exposed and most of you will have a very difficult time being able to process the truth. Realizing that Dark and Evil Alien beings have been working alongside Elite and wealthy families for generations to completely control Earth and all Humans will be a major shock to your system.

Understanding that COVID is a bio weapon and that the Vaccines are a delivery method to infect and turn you into a killing machine for those around you via Spike Proteins is a very difficult pill to swallow.

For those that held out and didn’t get vaccinated we are grateful for your tenacity and ability to see that something was not right. All of you have suffered because you stood your ground. You were demonized and publicly shaming the unvaccinated was promoted. Did any of you that were vaccinated ask why you listened to the propaganda? Very few of you did. The fear and death associated with this era in Earth’s timeline, will never be allowed to be forgotten.

Many of those vaccinated will pass, over the next couple of years. The truth will be unbearable and civil war is likely to break out. It is with great sorrow and grief that I discuss this subject with you. You must hold still and allow the anger and disbelief to pass through you so that you can join the war against these Satanists and evil beings. You cannot fold and commit suicide, as all you will do is allow your soul to become food for these monsters.

You must support those scientists and doctors looking for cures and you must continue to be kind and loving and compassionate towards your neighbors and fellow men and women. You must seek to know your true self. Faith in knowing your self and the belief that the White hats are real is very important right now.

For now, I leave you to consider my message. The High Council is in both physical and non-physical battles constantly right now. If you feel comfortable praying, please include us in your prayers as we have many great battles ahead of us. I leave you in peace and love and I will bring forth messages on this website as I have time.” Valiant Thor