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Esotera University

Founded in 2021, Esotera is a global Intuitive School and Community, designed to give everyone a safe environment to acknowledge, enhance and perfect their intuitive abilities through LIVE online classes implementing the Esotera Way; a comprehensive intuitive skillset that creates a foundation of profound knowledge, hands-on intuitive experience and professionalism.

Professional Intuitive Development & Certification

Explore and enhance your intuitive skills and develop your abilities as an Intuitive Coach.


The Free Will Society

The Free WIll Society to aid severely impacted stalking victims, and involving a symbiotic relationship with homeless veterans, seeks to establish a low-cost, self-sustaining, safe-and-secure hospice where both may heal and return to a normalized life. This it seeks to achieve using a proven concept of an intentional community in a deeply rural farm/ranch setting to provide centralized services and based upon tiny home, RV, camping, and dormer lifestyles. Founded by retired privacy/security consultant and author, H. Michael Sweeney, the Society also offers a free Helps kit for victims.

Elements and Scripture

Mr. Sweeney has worked with over 12,000 persons over several decades, specialising in stalking victims. Millions of Web sites cite him or his work, which has also been used in college courses on psychology, journalism, and political science. He himself has taught various college courses in multiple disciplines, and he is about to be conferred with a Doctorate in Sociology, in Divinity. His thesis reveals the Periodic Table of Elements contains codified information which points to specific Bible scriptures to reveal each element as a kind of spiritual avatar for a given Bible persona, or Christian concept, such that the spiritual traits in scripture are also often found present in the physical traits of the element. This leads to improved understanding of 'how science works' and can be made to work, and to foresee new uses and scientific advances... including in the areas of mental and physical health and spiritual wellbeing.