About The High Council

The Council began openly working with Dawn in 2016.  (We have been with her throughout her entire life.)  We gave her the official title of Ambassador and we gave her a seat on the Council.  We have spent the last several years working with and training Dawn and other “Human” members of the council.  We have officially recognized several other individuals and gave them the title of Ambassador as well as seats on the Council.  Our work with Dawn and the others was planned prior to the birth of most of the current people we are working with.  

Messages of Inspiration

The High Council

Focus of This Website

This website is where we will share information with those that are guided to this site.  

Our plan is to set Earth free and assist her and its inhabitants traverse through the next several decades.  

We will be in charge of the full transition that Earth and its inhabitants will be experiencing.  

We will be reeducating the entire planet.  

We will work closely with the humans on the planet and assist with the repair of the Human DNA.  

We have several committees that have been formed. 

We will seek volunteers to take a seat on a committee of their choice.  

Below is a list of several of the committees we will be working with:

  • Education (complete overhaul of the education systems all over the planet)
  • Water (purify the sources and clean up the pollution/garbage and redistribution to areas of the planet in need of fresh clean water sources)
  • Food (addressing the proper production and consumption as well as establishing new forms of micro nutrient rich foods)
  • Environment (clean up and repair various ecosystems throughout the planet)
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Legal Systems
  • Political systems
  • New commerce systems

About Dawn

Dawn works directly with The High Council.

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